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Remote Learning for International Students


Our experience offering unparalleled remote learning opportunities for children who are

unable to be physically present for extended periods make it possible to continue learning

along with their age group. Our approach to Remote Learning provides both a ‘live’ element as

well as richly resourced weekly activities for children to engage in at home, making distance

learning easy and fun for both parent and child.


·        Weekly live sessions including topic work, songs and stories

·        ClassDojo school app keeps parents connected and allows access to weekly activities, videos and links

·        Easy communication with class teacher via ClassDojo messaging

·        Parent guidance towards the EYFS Early Learning goals

·        Parent assisted progress observations and termly progress reports

·        Immediate confirmation of attendance upon annual prepayment

·        End of year report for application to primary schools


The progress of each child is observed on an individual basis and will depend on live distance learning attendance as well as home engagement in the activities provided.

Due to the changing nature and needs of Education made evident during the Covid-19 global pandemic, we believe it is essential that all children have access to learning, wherever they may be in the world.

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